Little Lotus, Miami FL | Merchant Profile

Little Lotus is a Sushi restaurant reinvented with many Indonesian influences. Its owner, Sari Maharani was born in Indonesia in 1978 and migrated to New York in 2005. When she first arrived in America, Sari started working at a deli, eventually moved to a fashion company, and then wound up working for Citibank in New York. In 2010 Sari decided to make the move from New York to Miami. Once in Miami, Sari was able to open her own Indonesian and Asian grocery store in downtown Miami in early 2011. She eventually sold her business to the Port of Miami and in April 2011 opened the first Little Lotus location that remained in business until 2013. While the restaurant was in operation, Little Lotus won the Best Miami Hidden Gem award in 2012. After that location closed, Sari moved on to manage Ozzi Sushi Bar for a year from July 2013 to July 2014. Sari then opened a delivery and take-out sushi counter in someone elseís restaurant for three months. When someone gave Sari the opportunity to have her own space she took it and opened the new Little Lotus in November of 2015. The most famous dish from Little Lotus is their Big Mack. The Big Mack consists of spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy crab salad, red tobiko, Japanese seasoning, soy paper, and eel sauce served in a square like some sort of a sushi burger hence its name the ìBig Mackî.  Other popular dishes include their Crispy Paratha Cake and Bento Boxes. Their Crispy Paratha Cake, which is kind of like a tuna pizza, even won the Best Dish to Eat in Miami. Little Lotus has tons of delicious options to pick from, all created with Indonesian and other Asian influences in mind. Little Lotus offers a great atmosphere along with their incredible food, so if youíre in the area and interested in trying new flavors and creations stop by Little Lotus for a bite to eat!

245 E Flagler St
Miami, FL 33131