Little Mosko’s, Nashville TN | Merchant Profile

Bringing a culinary gem to Nashville, Little Moskoís is a direct representation of taking a genuine talent and using it as fuel to gain widespread notoriety. Having been open for only six months, it hasn’t taken much time for owners  Lauren Moskovitz and Alex Granger to become ever so popular. They have sought to bring fresh, locally sourced food to the area and have done so seamlessly. The duo share their love for food and that is prevalent with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. The two keep things small and focused on the utmost quality, ensuring each customer the best, most consistent experience possible.Lauren has been baking for quite some time now, and that passion has translated from humble beginnings to rapid growth and success. Alex has been in the kitchen for fifteen years and once he started he never looked back. It only made sense for the couple to begin the venture of Little Moskoís together and it has transitioned into a top notch muncheonette and bake shop. The team has become well known for their breakfast tacos, offering options like the Bacon Taco comprised of Local Corn Tortillas, Giffordís Bacon, Farm Eggs, and Cheddar. The Avocado Toast is also worth giving a try, crafted with Multigrain Bread, Avocado Mash, A Fried Farm Egg, and Chile Flake.The eatery is also becoming known for their sandwiches, preparing all of the meats in house to guarantee the best of the best when it comes to curing and fermenting. The Carne Verde is certainly worth a try, offering a hearty portion of Chefís A Steak, Mexican Salsa Verde, Pickeled Vidalia Onions, Muenster Horseradish Mayo, on Ciabatta. Over the short period of time, Little Moskoís has been garnered as was on the top ten places to get a sandwich in Nashville, making it nothing short of impressive. The bakery is the cornerstone of the menu, driven by Lauren Moskovitzí vast knowledge of the sweet treats. She prepares and makes everything fresh to provide a genuine, homemade experience for each of her customers. All of the homestyle treats are sure to satisfy anyoneís cravings offering options like cookies, bars, and any other baked good that can possibly be thought of. Lauren is a veteran professional at her craft and places quality at the highest standard, making Moskoís a must while in the Nashville area. The location also offers dessert and sandwich platters if that is preferred, and will certainly provide a memorable and satisfying experience while in the area.

41 Peabody St.
Nashville, TN 37210