Little Swiss, Carmel CA | Merchant Profile

Steven Disseldorp is the owner of Little Swiss Cafe in Carmel, California. The restaurant was established in 1949 by Swiss immigrants. Stevenís parents, Hank and Adrei, immigrated from Holland and bought Little Swiss in 1972. Hank trained as a baker and chef and worked in restaurants all over the country before settling in California. Steven says the secret to success at Little Swiss is consistency. The owners and staff have been there for a long time. They know what people love and make sure they do it right. Customer service is also key at Little Swiss. Reviewers remark on the great service experiences they had at the restaurant.Little Swiss is known for breakfast comfort classics. Chef Rolando (Oly) Zapnta has worked at the restaurant for 41 years and makes food with care and love. The signature dish is the Eggs Benedict, made with their secret sauce. Customers love the dish and come from all over to get it. Another specialty are Stevenís Cheese Blintzes, which are thin crepe-like pastries, stuffed with creamy cheese. Oly and Steven also recommend the Split Pea Soup, also known as Snert. Little Swiss also serves lunch and offers wine and beer. Little Swiss Cafe is in a great location within walking distance of the ocean. They have received a lot of recognition over the years in local newspapers. The environment is clean and cosy, and the food is well worth the wait. Stop by Little Swiss for amazing breakfast and lunch classics!

6th Ave & Dolores St
Carmel, CA 93923