Living Green Fresh Market, Oakland Park FL | Merchant Profile

The Living Green Fresh Market is a beautiful store stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, and dry goods as well as their own cafe that serves delicious, healthy cuisine. The market is owned and operated by Anthony Papageorgiou and his incredible team of workers who all share the same ideas and beliefs of giving customers the best quality products possible. Living Green Fresh Market is located in Oakland Park, Florida and the surrounding community has grown to adore the shop. Anthony previously owned a fruit and vegetable wholesale business and after selling it he combined his experience with his love and passion for eating healthy foods and Living Green Fresh Market was born.At first, Living Green Fresh Market only sold fresh fruits and vegetables. Over time Anthony and his staff slowly began adding freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches, and salads. From there, the market continued to evolve and they opened a cafe inside the market that now serves prepared hot foods as well. As customers grew, so did their demands, so the market began selling cosmetics and dry goods too. Today, Living Green Fresh Market offers around 3,000 different items in their store. When it comes to the cafe, Anthony says they wonít serve anything they wouldnít eat themselves. This means everything is healthy and fresh. For example, the store does not use mayonnaise, but instead substitutes with Greek yogurt which is healthier and gives an overall better taste. The menu at the cafe is full of delicious options like sandwiches, salads, wraps, breakfast items, juices & smoothies, and all kinds of coffee. One of the most popular picks is the Chicken Gordo Wrap. It is made with a whole wheat wrap, chicken, spring mix, goat cheese, pesto, red onion, and avocado. Other favorites include their Oh Veggie! Sandwich, Hercules Breakfast, and Tuna es Crazy Wrap. Each dish is unique and utilizes fresh ingredients and fun flavors. Living Green Fresh Market has definitely changed peopleís persona on healthy foods. Many people think eating healthy leaves you hungry for more, but all the dishes served here are sure to fill you up and give you plenty of energy for the day!The menu also offers a large variety of fairtrade coffees that are high quality and full of flavor. If youíre not a coffee fan, thereís plenty of teas to choose from as well! All in all, Living Green Fresh Market is your one-stop-shop for all things fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is always warm and inviting and you will always be greeted by smiling faces. Anthony is very proud of the team heís built at the market and he encourages them to come together to share new ideas and suggestions. The next time youíre in Oakland Park and craving a healthy and flavorful meal, look no further than Living Green Fresh Market – you wonít be disappointed!

1305 E Commercial Blvd
Oakland Park, FL 33334