Local Kitchen and Bar, Ferndale MI | Merchant Profile

Local Kitchen and Bar has been serving Ferndale with exceptional fare since 2012. The founder, award-winning chef Rick Halberg, has been in the restaurant industry for 35 years. Halberg has been behind several fine dining establishments. A few years ago Halberg got together with a friend and decided to open a place that was more casual but still use the extraordinary ingredients he was used to.The meaning of the term ìlocalî evolved over time for Local Kitchen and Bar. Originally, local meant a form or community, but sourcing locally became more important as time went on. Local Kitchen and Bar now have direct contact with farms in the surrounding areas, and get much of their ingredients from local purveyors. In the past few years many whisky distilleries and craft breweries popped up all over Michigan, and Local Kitchen and Bar features many of their products. ìLocalî has become an even bigger part of their establishment. Local Kitchen and Barís chef is highly involved with choosing which ingredients they use, and is greatly concerned with a productís quality and availability.You have dietary restrictions? Fear not! Local Kitchen and Bar always has a vegan appetizer and entree on the menu at all times, along with many gluten-free options. In fact, most of the dishes on the menu can be made gluten-free. Local Kitchen and Bar prides itself in being extremely accommodating to guests; they can produce whatever is necessary for special need diets. Call ahead and let them know of your dietary restrictions, and they will produce a menu specifically to meet your needs. The chef is uncommonly flexible in that regard.Local Kitchen and Bar changes their menu relatively frequently. Since they are able to print their menus in-house, they can change their menu whenever the chef has a new creation. The core menu lasts about six months, and certain dishes may change every couple of weeks. Feeling adventurous? Order the ëBeef Heartí ñ odds are youíve never had it before! Since the heart is all very unique muscle fiber, beef heart is extremely tender. They cook it relatively rare and itís served alongside celery salad with a hint of Fresno pepper ñ a truly amazing dish. Like more traditional entrees? Local Kitchen and Barís burgers and mac ní cheese are said to be the best in Southeastern Michigan.Whether it be lunch, dinner or brunch on the weekends, join Local Kitchen and Bar for a unique experience. They can accommodate private parties from 40 to 200 people. Local Kitchen and Bar is home to many talented craftsmen behind the bar and in the kitchen, as well as their polite and friendly front of the house.

344 W Nine Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI 48220