Local Loaf, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Adam Spears graduated from Ohio State in 2008. He began his college career in Music Education and Performance but finished up with Hospitality Management and Business Administration. The whole time Adam was in college, he worked for restaurants, including bakeries, BBQ joints, and Mexican restaurants. Adam gained a whole new respect for different cultures and foods through his work and school experience. Adam came back to North Carolina and went to Johnson & Wales Charlotte for Culinary Arts. During this time, Adam used his restaurant management experience to find some jobs during the recession. One thing he missed greatly about Ohio was the delicious and unbeatable bread. Adam searched high and low, all the grocery stores and bakeries he could find, and nothing compared. Adam decided he would make the bread himself. Over the next few years, Adam worked in various restaurants under several chefs that took him under their wing. Adam was able to make his bread and experiment with other ideas. Adam eventually began baking bread for farmers markets and selling it on the weekends. Market days can bring in pretty good money, and Adam was able to serve the community. Next, Adam wanted to open his own restaurant. He found out that Local Loaf was for sale, and opened within two months of purchasing it. The beginning was very slow and discouraging, ìI thought people hated us,î Adam recalled. But he kept working diligently, 363 days a year for two years straight, and all his hard work paid off. Nowadays, customers flood the restaurant, Adam has a wonderful staff, and he is planning on opening a second location. ìItís only up from here,î said Adam.One of the most popular dishes is the Chicken & the Egg. A southern style buttermilk biscuit with hand breaded chicken tenders, poached egg in their famous Chipotle Cheerwine sauce, aged white cheddar and micro greens. ìEverything that is there is constructed and meant to be,î Adam explained. Adam still makes and delivers bread to other businesses in the area, and wants everyone to feel like they are not getting something that everyone else has. Adam strives to be creative. He is always adding new options to the menu, and everything is made fresh, never highly processed or frozen. Local Loaf is unique and they care about their customers and community. To indulge in the best bread youíve ever had, check out Local Loaf!

224 E 7th St
Charlotte, NC 28202