Low Tide Kava Bar, Gulfport FL | Merchant Profile

Low Tide Kava Bar is located at 2902 Beach Boulevard South in Gulfport. Owner Sean Simpson explains that Kava is a drink made from the root of the Kava plant. The drink is featured prominently in spiritual and religious ceremonies on South Pacific Islands like Fiji and Vanuatu. Sean had worked at another Kava Bar in the area and when he left to pursue other opportunities, he missed the sense of community. Low Tide opened almost three years ago and fosters a different environment from what most people are used to. The Low Tide Kava Bar embraces patrons like family and celebrates people from all walks of life. As an homage to the family atmosphere, there is no alcohol served at the Low Tide. Sean admits that Kava tastes terrible. In fact Kava aficionados readily embrace the awful taste, the worse it tastes, the more pure the Kava. After All, consumers are interested in the positive effects of the drink and not the taste. Low Tide offers three versions of Kava. The ìAll Mindî is designed to provide drinkers with mental clarity. The ìAll Bodyî promotes relaxation and the ì50/50î promotes both. They do have an additive called Manna, a combination of coconut and honey to make the taste more pleasant. On the island of Vanuatu a single serving of Kava is called low tide while a double is called high tide. This is an inspiration for the Barís name. If you are in Gulfport and looking for a unique experience check out the Low Tide Kava Bar. Sean and his entire warm and welcoming staff will embrace you like family.  

2902A Beach Blvd. S.
Gulfport, FL 33707