Ludwig’s German Table, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

After only being open for a month, Ludwigís German Table has already seen major success introducing themselves to San Jose. Owners Ben and Nicole have separated themselves from what would normally be expected in the area, offering an authentic German style menu with a modern twist. Ludwig’s has elevated the dining experience offering a segway to modern Europe, making it a priority to offer not only offer a top notch cuisine, but pair it with a true, memorable sophistication. The location was a former home to a highly regarded Choirmaster and they have set an ambiance that lends a hand to that. The food is fantastic, and the staff have provided a genuine community vibe that needs to be experienced while in San Jose. The rapid popularity growth is due in part to their signature, yet traditional cuisine. The chef driven menu provides all of the classics that one would expect but also goes the extra step in raising the bar. The culinary experience is unique to Ludwigís and is something that can simply not be found anywhere else. One of the most popular items, the Jager Schnitzel, is an Organic Pork Loin, with their delicious Creamy House Mushroom Sauce. The item is raved about and is constantly being requested by the customers. Another recommended item, the Leberkase Sandwich is comprised of a Pork and Veal, with Cabbage Slaw and Mustard Sauce on a brioche bun. They source the meat from a local German butcher ensuring the highest quality. The Beer Garden is where the restaurant really shines, offering communal seating just as you would see while in Germany. The beautiful outdoor setting is a direct reflection of the German culture, and brings the whole experience full circle. Serving beer and wine, Ben and Nicole rotate their eight taps as well as their bottles to keep variety, and have a new experience with each visit. With all German beers, Ludwig offers options like the Flensburger Pilsner as well as Hofbrau. The draft selections offer the option of going half litre or full litre in true German fashion. The restaurant has event space for either private events, or events that they hold themselves. Encompassing the true German vibe, look out for Oktoberfest because Ben Nicole and their team always have something up their sleeves. The architecture is something to be experienced and the subtle hints of old style German paired with a modern twist make the experience something to be seen in person. Ludwigís has something for everyone and the atmosphere is nothing short of warm and welcoming. While in the San Jose area, it is a must try,and giving them a chance will provide a memorable and satisfying experience. When you stop in make sure to say ìEin Bier Bitte,î and youíll be greeted with a cold German beer.

261 N 2nd St.
San Jose, CA 95112