Luna’s Living Kitchen, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Juliana Luna was born and raised in Colombia, South America, and studied hospitality management in Switzerland. After she graduated, she applied for a hotel internship at the Hilton in Uptown Charlotte. In 2007, she moved to North Carolina and was instantly unimpressed with how everyone was eating. Juliana came from a background where everything she ate was grown locally and involved a lot of face to face interaction with farmers. She saw a beautiful opportunity to bring that to charlotte. Juliana started a project focused on plant-based cooking named Lunaís Living Kitchen. Her then boyfriend now husband was and still is very concerned with eating healthy and fueling your body right. Juliana started to research all aspects of food, including what you should and shouldn’t eat. Lunaís Living Kitchen transformed into a project based on raw food. In the beginning, it was a very small operation; 800 square feet with just a food processor, dehydrator, and an awesome blender. It was a lot of trial and error, but after their first year, Lunaís Living Kitchen really took off. Customers realised that healthy food is so much more than just salad. In 2012, Juliana met a customer, Stephen Edwards. Stephen is a Charlotte native currently living in New York and was in town visiting family in Charlotte. He came into the cafe and loved the concept, and after six months of talking and Juliana learning his values, they formed an amazing partnership. Stephen helped Juliana with the structure of the business and helped transform a simple cafe to a beautiful restaurant. Stephen currently acts as the President of Lunaís Living Kitchen. Juliana is so grateful that Stephen found his way into her restaurant, because she could never imagined taking Lunaís Living Kitchen to where it is today without him. He brings a lot to the team and has greatly assisted in the foundation and structure of what Lunaís Living Kitchen has become.Lunaís Living Kitchen moved to a 3,000 square foot facility and has a separate facility right down the street that produces all their bottled juices, cleanses and packaged goods. Juliana explained that they are planning on opening several other locations soon. Lunaís Living Kitchen even has a juice truck that goes to different yoga and pilates studios! ìEverything you eat at Lunaís Living Kitchen today was picked fresh yesterday,î Juliana stated. They work a lot with local farmers and build every dish from all scratch ingredients to the final product. Everything, except the bread which is made from a local bakery, is made in house. The ëAvocado Sandwichí is a crowd favorite, along with the ëVeggie Burgerí, a fresh patty made from quinoa, sunflower seeds, carrots, bell pepper and herbs. Completely gluten-free with a lot of intense flavors and no oils. Lunaís Living Kitchenís menu is so different and unconventional but you will be extremely happy you gave it a try. Juliana built a team of some amazing employees, and only hires people that have passion for what Lunaís Living Kitchen offers. It is Julianaís goal to ensure you have a beautiful experience at Lunaís, and you will leave feeling fantastic.

2000 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203