M Asian Fusion Restaurant, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Ashwini Kumar has a background as a software engineer. He created a startup in India in 2004, and was traveling between India and the United States a lot. It was then he noticed how the hospitality and restaurant industry has grown in the Asian countries; there were many massive yet high class restaurants. In the US, Ashwini only saw Asian or Indian restaurants that were smaller scale, mom-and-pop, hole-in-the-wall type places. Ashwini was driven to establish an upscale, high-quality restaurant with great food and professional staffing. Within the next few years, Ashwini opened two fine dining Indian cuisine restaurants. Corporate event and wedding catering quickly gained popularity. In 2014, Ashwini acquired a building that was previously a PF Changís, and transformed the space into M Asian Fusion Restaurant.M Asian Fusion Restaurant combines an Asian fusion fine dining restaurant with fun and entertainment. They are very playful in terms of socializing and flavors. The decor is beautiful; everything in the restaurant has been handpicked from Vietnam, India, Thailand, China, and Dubai. ìWe have a contemporary yet traditional atmosphere – we wanted to blend the two together,î Ashwini explained. With the wide variety of options and cuisine types, there will be something for everyone at your table. You will find delicious dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and India. ìI have been to a lot of Asian Fusion restaurants, and most of them are weighted more towards one cuisine with a little bit of fusion.î Ashwini stated. At M Asian Restaurant, they are a true fusion restaurant, offering many different dishes from the whole South East Asia area.  

98 Second Street
San Jose, CA 95113