Major Tomato, Allen Park MI | Merchant Profile

Major Tomato is a restaurant that has healthy versions of junk food. This restaurant is located in Allen Park, Michigan. Major Tomato is family owned and they strive to find the best way to prepare the best food. Major Tomato uses fresh ingredients and everything is made from scratch. There are no chemical additives, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrups, or artificial sweeteners. All meats are locally raised, locally grown, and locally manufactured preferably, keeping their business in support of the local economy. They use all organic ingredients and are very environmentally friendly. They eventually want to install solar panels in order to conserve energy as well.The most ordered dish at Major Tomato is its pizza. This pizza in unlike ordinary pizza because it is made from a different, better and more healthy flour than most other pizza places. It is thin crust and has homemade tomato sauce. Major Tomato makes its own bread and uses all real spices for seasoning. The toppings are fresh which makes for a stronger flavor. Aside from pizza, Major Tomato has many other options such as healthy versions of hot dogs, burgers and more.Another important aspect to Major Tomato is their staff and the work environment they provide. Because of the great working environment, much of the Major Tomato staff has been there since the start and plans on staying for the long haul. This creates a positive dining experience for its customers too. Major Tomato puts a new spin on our favorite foods and leads for healthier and happier eating.

6547 Allen Rd Allen Park
Allen Park, MI 48101