Mandaloun Bistro, Bingham Farms MI | Merchant Profile

For fantastic traditional Lebanese cuisine, look no further than Mandaloun Bistro. Owned and family operated, owner Melissa guarantees an authentic Lebanese dining experience. Her mother and father, originally from Lebanon, are the head chefs at Mandaloun Bistro. Featuring a menu of Northern Lebanese cuisine, you will find items on the menu unique to the area of Melissaís motherís origin. Using only the freshest ingredients, expect an elegant atmosphere and a delicious dining experience when visiting the Mandaloun Bistro. The menu features dishes and recipes specifically from the Northern region of Lebanon. Indulge your senses in the authentic flavors of Lebanese cuisine. A unique and sought-after dish on Mandaloun Bistroís menu is the ëStuffed Zucchini.í A dish that will transport you Lebanon, the zucchini are traditionally stuffed with rice and ground beef cooked in stewed tomatoes. Lunches are a fantastic deal at Mandaloun Bistro with combination plates that range from only $10 to $12. Choose from a selection of main dishes, pick two sides, and included in the meal is a fountain drink. Such main course selections include ëShish Kabobs,í ëGrape Leaves,í and ëFalafels.í A full bar is available at Mandaloun Bistro and features happy hour every Monday through Friday. The incredible happy hour also features free food with drinks purchased! For an authentic taste of the old country, stop into the warm and welcoming Mandaloun Bistro of Bingham Farms, Michigan.

30100 Telegraph Rd, Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Bingham Farms, MI 48025