Mangia, Manchester NH | Merchant Profile

A refined concept that is held in high regard, Mangia holds a true elegance paired with top notch meals that are nothing short of remarkable. The culinary masterpieces crafted by owner Angelo Bruno attest to the knowledge he has attained through the years of being in the restaurant industry. The past four years have shown what Mangia brings to the table, and the efforts truly place them in a league of their own when it comes to authentic Italian cuisine. Starting as a server, Angelo perfected the craft of working at a restaurant with the thought in mind that his passion would come to fruition of finally owning a restaurant. With this current endeavor he has proven himself to the highest degree and in going so, becomes a top choice while in Manchester. Deriving his authentic dishes from the teachings of his mother and his grandmother, each option hits the nail on the head when it comes to quality, consistency, and more than anything, authenticity. Sourcing as much locally as possible, going to extra step and not cutting corners raises the dishes to greater heights for the team at the restaurant, making each dish a top choice across the board. Everything is homemade from scratch including delicious options like the Gnocchi, the Tortellini, and the Puttanesca. No matter the instance, quality and consistency are a guarantee, and Angelo and his team are always willing to accommodate no matter the preference. The setting brings everything together, immersing customers into the heart of Italian culture with the artwork and decor. The location also offers catering for pickup as well as private parties if that is preferred, making Mangia the perfect option for any type of party plan. No matter the instance, Angelo provides a service that takes a step above the typical dining experience and must be experienced in person, making for a perfect outing while in the area.

33 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101