Mara’s Homemade, Syosset NY | Merchant Profile

Mara Levi has always had a passion for cooking. She started as a kosher caterer in Dallas, and upon moving to New York, Mara opened a coffee house. At the coffee house, Mara sold sandwiches, salads, and soups, everything made from scratch. The landlord sold the building, so Mara was forced to move out. It was actually a blessing in disguise; the move led Mara to open a full-service Cajun restaurant – Maraís Homemade.Mara explained that Maraís Homemade started out offering just homemade, good food, but soon got into the Southern Cajun niche. No one around East Village offered what Maraís Homemade did, so they slowly but surely became very popular for their cuisine. Maraís Homemade built a reputation and became a destination Cajun restaurant. After seven and a half years, the rent was getting too high. They moved to Syosset in 2011, and many customers followed. Their newest location is five times bigger than what they had before.With more room, Maraís Homemade was able to expand their menu. They started offering hamburgers the make from scratch with pureed onion, garlic, and egg, so it is gluten-free without the bread. In 2005 they added an additional smoker to provide more BBQ options; they grind and smoke their own brisket, make their own rubs and BBQ sauces, and bake their own pretzel buns.Maraís Homemade brings New Orleans tastes to New York. They have always offered a live crawfish which they fly in from New Orleans along with shrimp, oysters, redfish and Andouille sausage. Mara and her son Josh are creating new dishes all the time, including numerous fish and seafood selections. Mara stated that ìGenerally if you love something in New Orleans we can make it here – I have the talent of tasting something and being able to recreate it.îTheir ëCrawfish Stuffed Breadí is addictingly delicious; a homemade crawfish tails and cheese mixture is stuffed into a hollowed out 8-inch baguette and baked crispy and gooey, Mara promises it will have you coming back for more. If you like oysters, you must try the ëChargrilled Oystersí – they are more popular than water! Customers also go crazy for the ëSmoked Bourbon Braised Short Ribsí. Maraís Homemade utilizes their extensive bar (that has over 150 whiskies) in several of their dishes. To complete your meal, Mara’s homemade desserts are the finishing touch.Maraís Homemade is constantly coming up with new and unique menu items, especially around the holidays. They try their best to make people happy with good food and lots of fun in their casual atmosphere. One of their mottos is, ìYou donít have to dress up for good food!î

236 W Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY 11791