Marguerite’s Restaurant, Westport MA | Merchant Profile

Margueriteís Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant in Westport, Massachusetts. It is owned by Bill, Marguerite, and their son, Trafford. The familyís history is rooted in the restaurant industry. Trafford helped out at his aunt and uncleís restaurant starting at age 11. His father was the head chef there for 16 years. Bill and Marguerite had odd jobs once in awhile, but knew they wanted to open their own place. They opened Margueriteís restaurant in November 1998. Traffordís favorite part about working in the restaurant industry is that it is a hands on job that allows him to be creative. He loves knowing making something that someone else will soon enjoy. Bill loves the pace and the challenge of the industry. Even when they are swamped and busy, they are still enjoying themselves. The menu at Margueriteís restaurant contains features seafood and influences from multiple types of cuisines. They have a very eclectic menu with something for everyone. They do a lot of specials so they have a chance to get creative and try new styles of cooking. A current popular special is the Lamb Wrap, made with lamb, tomato, feta cheese, and their house tzatziki sauce. Customers also love the Chicken Pies which are made with Billís famous pie crust. They also have staple dishes like fish and chips, burgers, and chicken and biscuits. What sets their menu above is the consistency and care put into the cooking. Trafford says no matter what kind of day he is having, he puts the same effort and love into making the food. People can taste the difference in their high quality, homemade food. Margueriteís Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday-Saturday. They offer event catering. Check out Marguerite’s Restaurant for food made with care and great service!

778 Main Rd
Westport, MA 02790