Maria Elena’s Restaurant, Alviso CA | Merchant Profile

The history of Maria Elenaís Restaurant starts with Maria Elenaís parents who started out in the food industry by selling fresh fruit. They then progressed to opening a fruit stand then a store where they began cooking food, which brought them to opening their own restaurant. Maria Elena grew up in her parentsí and gained the passion to one day open her own. In 1987, her parents opened a restaurant and named it after her. In 1988, Maria Elena stood up to the plate and began running the restaurant and continued to do so until she passed away in 2010. Today, Maria Elenaís two daughters, Vanessa and Melissa, continue on her and their grandparentsí legacy by running the restaurant and serving the same delicious family recipes.Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients. Vanessa and Melissa still use all their grandparentsí family recipes just like Maria Elena did to handcraft each dish. One of the bestsellers off the menu is the Chili Verde, which is made with lean chunks of pork simmered in their special verde sauce and served with rice, beans, and tortillas. Another favorite is Mariaís Way Chicken Mole that consists of tender chicken covered in their special mole sauce that excludes chocolate and is made with a touch of cinnamon instead. When it comes to tacos and burritos, Carnitas is most popular.In addition to their wonderful cuisine, Maria Elenaís Restaurant also serves beer and wine. They have delicious Margaritas that they make with agave wine and their Sangria is a must-try! They also carry a nice variety of beers that pair perfectly with any meal!All in all, Maria Elenaís Restaurant is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a friendly, accommodating, and hardworking staff. The restaurant seats about forty-five people, but when the weather is nice they also have an outdoor patio that seats more. The next time youíre craving a fresh, homemade Mexican meal, make sure to stop by Maria Elenaís Restaurant – you wonít be disappointed!

1450 Gold St
Alviso, CA 95002