Marianne Gourmet Shop, Delray Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Taking a familiar concept and holding it to a higher caliber, Marianne Gourmet Shop puts the best of the best to the forefront, providing classic dishes that raise the bar. Fueled by Sara Devriesí culinary expertise, her family takes their passion for creating delicious foods and uses it to drive the cozy eatery to the next level. Having gone to the University of Florida for Hotel and Restaurant Management can attest to Saraís vast knowledge of the industry, and it is prevalent in the restaurant from top to bottom. Everything and fresh and made from scratch, promising a consistent experience from top to bottom. Stopping in is more than satisfying, and paired with a staff that goes above and beyond, makes it a must while in the area.  The quaint shop prides itself on having something for everyone, rightfully so, the extensive amount of options hit the spot no matter the instance, and create an experience that adheres to everyoneís palate. Nothing in the restaurant comes pre-prepared, the made to order concept shows an organic effort to provide something that customers can trust. The genuine effort shows with each dish, the team at the restaurant bake their own Turkey, as well as their roast beef to craft some top of the line sandwiches. The Grilled Salmon is also a popular option as well as the Crab Cakes, putting a flair on their down home menu options. To bring everything full circle, the location provides frozen options for customers to take home with them and prepare whenever they please. It immerses customers into the same concept at home, and lets people take Marianne Gourmet Shop wherever they go. The shop also offers gluten free options for those who prefer it, always going the extra step for their guests. Sara and her team create fantastic desserts to finish everything off, and the entire experience encapsulates a perfect outing no matter the instance making it a go to while in Delray Beach.  

803 George Bush Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33483