Marlee’s Diner, Deerfield Beach IL | Merchant Profile

Marleeís Diner is a family owned and operated restaurant that was established in 2001. One of the owners, Emmy Louvaris, explained that Marleeís Diner does not have your typical Greek family diner story. Marleeís Diner was Emmyís brotherís ìbrain childî; he always loved to cook and wanted to be in the restaurant business. In 2001 this restaurant became available and Emmyís parents bought the restaurant. They slowly but surely started turning the business around.A few years later, Emmyís brother renamed the restaurant after his daughter Marlee. Everything at Marleeís Diner is homemade based on his own recipes. They grind their own burgers every day, and roast and slice all their meats themselves. In 2008, they had the opportunity to sell the business and took it. Emmyís parents retired and went to Greece and her brother packed up his family and moved to Colorado. For about three years, the whole family was out of the restaurant business. In 2011, Marleeís Diner ended up coming back to them when it was not working for the new owner. Emmy and her parents came back, but her brother didnít. Emmy is a teacher by profession, but she took a leave of absence to help her parents run the restaurant. Through some hard work, they were able to build Marleeís Diner back up to their high standards again.Marleeís Diner has a comfortable environment and they try to make all their dishes as healthy as possible. Everything is fresh and homemade with no preservatives. There number one most popular dish is the Thanksgiving inspired ëTraditional Turkey Dinnerí. The ëReubení sandwich is another hot item. Customers love all of the dishes with the house made meats because they can taste the quality and freshness. Marleeís Dinerís daily soups are delicious, and there is always a vegan option. You will always find at least one of the three owners at Marleeís Diner, and their regular customers – locals and snowbirds alike – love seeing them. Head to Marleeís Diner to enjoy plenty of great, healthy, homemade dishes!

699 S Federal Hwy, , FL
Deerfield Beach, IL 33441