Masa Ramen and Sake Bar, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Bringing top notch Ramen to San Jose, Masa Noodle House encompasses the best of the best when considering where to indulge in fresh, homemade Japanese cuisine. The owner May Meakcharoon, has been in the industry the past twenty years and has perfected the craft from top to bottom, holding her menu options at a higher standard. Manager Lam Ngo and his team take the extra step in providing the best of the best for their customers and they do not cut any corners in doing so. The experience is nothing short of impressive and is a must while visiting the area. Customers can find fantastic bowls Masa Ramen and Sake Bar, where chefs drive the entire menu of the widely regarded Japanese dishes. Braised oxtail, curried chicken, pork belly, and other proteins are freshly prepared in broths ranging from light shoyu to spicy miso, with each combination paired with fresh vegetables and hearty portions of noodles. The restaurant also offers the option to craft your own Ramen Bowl, something that is unique to them and gives the customer unlimited options  when considering what to eat at the restaurant. Guests also have the option to take on the beast known as the Masumo Bowl Challege, a five pound dish that nobody has been able to complete since the restaurant has opened. The meal is comprised of two pounds of noodles and three pounds of meat and vegetables, and customers that are able to finish it receive a one hundred dollar gift card and a shirt. To bring the meal full circle, the drink options raise the bar providing options like the Sake Sunrise and the Passion Fruit Mojito. No matter the situation, Masa Noodle house has something for everyone and is worth stopping in while in the San Jose area. 

864 Blossom Hill Rd, Suite A
San Jose, CA 95123