Masada, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Masada is a Middle Eastern restaurant that features cuisine with influences from the Mediterranean, Lebanon, and Egypt. Shadi Ramli, the owner, named the restaurant after his mother who is the executive chef at the restaurant. Masada also holds significance in both the Muslim and Jewish faith as well so it is a way to bridge the two cultures together. Masada has been open for a year and a half and has a very lavish and lively atmosphere. The restaurant can seat an impressive 330 people with the help of an outdoor patio and rooftop seating. Masada loves providing entertainment for their guests along with great cuisine. They often bring in live bands that play Middle Eastern music as well as belly dancers to give the restaurant a fun and vivacious energy. Dancing is encouraged at Masada and the belly dancers do a great job of getting the crowd involved. Masadaís menu consists of Mediterranean meats, Lebanese salads, and Egyptian cuisine as well as offering many different vegetarian and vegan options. One of their most popular dishes is the Combination Kebab Plate. It allows customers to try each one of their different kebab skewers the chicken tika, shish kebab, seafood, and kefta. It is also served with seasonal vegetables, angel hair rice, house-made sauces and Salata Arabia. The Lamb Chops, Koshari, and Kale Salad are other fan favorites at Masada. In addition to Masadaís great food, they also have a full-service bar stocked with tons of tasty drink options. They have a great list of cocktails that are also very reasonably priced. Masada is closed on Mondays and opens at 11:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays for brunch. Masada is a great venue to celebrate and hold any private events or parties. The restaurant is adorned with beautiful handmade tiles along with other Moroccan dÈcor and Middle Eastern furnishings. Masada takes reservations as well so guests can reserve a table on busy nights. Valet parking is also available on weekends. Whether youíre looking for a fun night out or an intimate dinner date, Masada is the perfect place to enjoy amazing food in a beautiful atmosphere.

2206 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60647