Maya’s Cafe, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Separating themselves from other restaurantís in the area, Mayaís Cafe has brought authentic Honduran dishes to San Jose, and the quality surpasses any restaurant that seeks to replicate. The dishes are crafted from original homemade recipes using the freshest ingredients to create quality and consistency with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. Owner Will Pineda took over in 2010 after his mother started the business in 2008 and has elevated the experience to new heights with his caring and hardworking mindset. Having been around for so long, Mayaís Cafe has solidified itself as a cornerstone in the area, and is a must visit while in San Jose.The top notch Honduran dishes are nothing short of impressive and the genuine manner in which they are presented show the homemade intentions Mayaís Cafe has. The Fried Chicken is a popular option, derived from the Northern Caribbean side of Honduras, crisp and rich in flavor. The Seafood Soup is also highly regarded, crafted with Coconut Milk. The Barbacoa Plate is also an authentic dish worth trying, serving up a healthy portion of barbecued meats for customers to indulge in. The full service restaurant is constantly expanding to adhere to the massive popularity they have received in recent years. The uniqueness of Mayaís Cafe places them on a pedestal as one of the premiere places to visit while in the Bay Area. The extra mile that Will goes for his customers is very prevalent with each dish, using age old recipes from his time spent in the restaurant business in his homeland. The ingredients are fresh, and everything is served with the utmost quality, ensuring customers the best experience possible. The family oriented nature is genuine and will certainly provide a satisfying, memorable experience.

2616 Union Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124