Maysville, New York NY | Merchant Profile

Directly after Superstorm Sandy left New York back in 2012, Maysville opened their doors to the public with a party. The community appreciated the light Maysville shined after a difficult time – not to mention the delicious food and vast selection of bourbons. Maysville is named after a port town in Kentucky, where bourbon was sent down the river in flatboats to New Orleans where it was bottled. Two themes you will notice at Maysville, an American whiskey bar and restaurant, are two of Kentuckyís greatest exports, horses and bourbon. Owner Sean Josephs first restaurant was Char No 4 in Brooklyn, and it has the same beverage program as Maysville. 200 American whiskeies at all really approachable price points, with a highly educated staff with in-depth knowledge of the whiskey world. One of Maysvilleís most popular dishes is the ëCrispy Gritsí. Cubed grits are quickly fried and topped with a bourbon aioli and delicious Virginia country ham. The ëHay Roasted Oystersí are another customer favorite, roasted on a bed of hay that has been soaked in bourbon and apple cider, then garnished with brown butter, tobasco, salsify and shallots. Of course there are plenty of bourbons to choose from, but what if you donít identify yourself as a brown spirit drinker? Then the ëNoreasterí cocktail is a perfect choice; bourbon, maple syrup, lime and ginger beer. Maysvilleís version of a ëDark ëNí Stormyí is sure to please the tastebuds. General Manager Talia Berman perfectly sums up Maysville: ìI think one of my favorite things about the restaurant is that it can mean anything to anybody. At any given moment at the bar, there will be a guy drinking a beer and maybe an ounce of Mellow Corn whiskey, and eating a pulled pork sandwich. Right next to him will be a couple enjoying a six-course tasting menu with an exciting well-aged bottle of wine.î Both experiences right besides each other take the pretentiousness out of the dining experience, helping you to enjoy any type of dining you want. Visit Maysville in their beautiful, classy establishment and indulge in out-of-this-world food and a plethora of bourbon.

17 W 26th St
New York, NY 10010