MC Pizza Express, Harrisburg PA | Merchant Profile

Since 2005 owner Abrahim Wehvi and MC Pizza have been making local diners very happy. Over the years he has become friends with many customers and they tell him they pass many other pizza restaurants on the way to MC Pizza. MC has great customer service and great food.The most popular menu item is the MC Special Sicilian Style Pizza with pepperoni, beef sausage, mushrooms, sweet peppers, onion, ham, olives and garlic, anchovies optional. For a taste you wonít find anywhere else, try the Big Mac Pizza. Ground beef burger, sauce, oregano,mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar cheese pickles, lettuce and Thousand Island Dressing.Mc Pizzaís menu is huge. There are salads, appetizers, like nachos and a bevy of sandwich and wraps. The hot Sub Sandwiches are outstanding. The restaurant also delivers and is open 10AM to 10PM six days a week and 11AM to 9PM.

2327 Walnut St
Harrisburg, PA 17103