McGettigan’s, New York NY | Merchant Profile

The McGettigan family has been in the hospitality industry since the early 1960ís. They opened their first business – an Irish bar in Dublin, Ireland named McGettiganís – in the mid-1960ís. They did not realise back then that in a few decades, they would have Irish bars named after their surname all around the globe.After the first McGettiganís, they opened a music venue called The Baggot, where bands like U2 got their start. Following The Baggot, the McGettigan family got into the hotel business and opened several hotels around Ireland and the UK. Next, they opened a five-star hotel in Dubai, run by their son Dennis. At the hotel, they had some extra space that they decided to transform into an Irish bar – after all, there were no other Irish bars in that area of town. That is where the new line of McGettiganís bars began.The McGettiganís expanded McGettiganís restaurant and bar into five locations in the Middle East, four back in Ireland, one in Singapore, and one location in New York – all in the matter of five years. McGettiganís has plans to open a location in London, Jakarta and possibly two more in the Middle East in 2016.McGettiganís is known as the modern Irish experience. They encompass style, comfort, food, and service. Robbie Mann, the Director of Sales for the Group, explained that ìEven the look and feel of the restaurant is very different from what youíd see in any typical Irish bar, especially in New York City where there is an Irish bar on nearly every corner. While there is still a demand for them no matter where in the world you are – we offer something completely different.îYou are sure to find quite an array of drinks available at McGettiganís, including Guinness, whiskies, and their very own McGettiganís Ale, only available at the New York City location. The ëFish & Chipsí and the ëMcGettiganís Burgerí are two very popular items at every location around the world – be sure to give one of those a try!

70 W. 36th Street
New York, NY 10018