Mcnally’s Tavern, Chestnut Hill PA | Merchant Profile

Opening in 1921, Mcnallyís Tavern carries on a rich history and has been the face of Philadelphia for almost a century. The name Mcnallyís resonates with the area, due in part to the delicious food and serving Pennsylvania for multiple generations. Owned by the same family the entire time, the restaurant is garnered with pictures of the vast history of the location, and even has the original bar of when the business first started. The family prides themselves on their welcoming atmosphere and the driving the ambiance of providing memories and nostalgia from older, simpler times. It is a must visit while in the area, not because of the great food, but also the experience that it provides. The menu is simple, but it hits hard, and provides flavor that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the area. Their turkey dishes come highly regarded, demanding them to roast two a day five days a week. The Turkey Chili, Turkey Salad, and Turkey Burgers all are worth trying and are guaranteed to be fresh. The Roast Beef is also very popular, offering fresh cut steaks daily, made to order. The one item that conquers the rest and is what Mcnallyís is known for best is the Schmitter, and the history behind it is a story within itself. It is comprised of sliced beef with extra cheese, tomato, fried onions, grilled salami, and the housemade Schmitter Sauce on a flash-broiled kaiser roll. Their soups are a specialty for the tavern and even have loyal customers buying them by the gallon. People will travel far and wide just to get their hands on The Crab & Cheese, as well as the Chicken Dumpling, or the famous Chicken Corn Chowder. The menu changes monthly, offering new selections regularly and is sure to not disappoint. The family makes sure to print out the menu early, as well as post it on their website to keep their customers updated on what they will have to offer.  Evolving their drink menu from the past beer and shot options, Mcnallyís Tavern makes a great Moscow Mule as well as their Cosmopolitans. Their beer uses a c02 nitro mix which makes it a smoother, more flavorful experience. Being a staple in Philadelphia, the Tavern has been incorporated into the Phillies, serving the ballpark ever since the new stadium opened. The Phillies wanted to encompass the feel of what the history of the city and McNallyís was the perfect depiction. Stopping in to grab a bite is a must while in Philadelphia, it provides a warm, welcoming experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

8634 Germantown Ave.
Chestnut Hill, PA 19118