Mekong Cafe, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Mekong Cafe is named after the Mekong River that goes from China to Vietnam and passes through Laos and Thailand. This family owned and operated restaurant opened in 2008. Owner Banh Phongsavat, her daughter Sichanh, and son Bountanh work together to serve every customer the freshest Thai, Vietnamese and Laos cuisine in Milwaukee. Come to Mekong Cafe for an incredible deal on a fast and delicious lunch. For $8.95, you can enjoy an all you can eat lunch buffet. The lunch buffet spread changes daily so no two days are exactly the same. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available at Mekong Cafe as well.  Mekong Cafe has many unique dishes that can only be found on their menu. For an appetizer, try the ëCrying Tiger.í Thinly sliced steak is grilled to juicy perfection and seasoned with Thai herbs and spices. This dish is served with lettuce to wrap up the steak and rice and a special housemade chili sauce is served on the side that features flavors of cilantro, lime, and tomato. The ëPud See Eweí is another outstanding dish that should be tried, especially if you are a fan of Asian noodles.  The thick and chewy noodles are stir fried with with broccoli and egg in spices and brown sauce. ëGrandma Chantaís Specialí is also a dish unique to Mekong Cafe. This Laotian dish features sausage chicken or pork and is cooked in a sauce that is the familyís secret recipe. Laotian herbs and papaya salad make this dish one you wonít soon forget. Mekong Cafe is in a great location and offers their diners a cozy, family friendly atmosphere, but also accepts take out orders and will even deliver right to your door. Looking to cater an event? Mekong Cafe can cater up to 100 people. Call ahead to plan your next big event and the helpful staff at Mekong Cafe will guide you in creating a fantastic menu.

5930 W North Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208