Mel’s Pizza, Elgin IL | Merchant Profile

Melís Pizza, formally known as franchise Jakeís Pizza, was opened by a man named George in 1974. In 1995, Andy Moyer was in need of a job. One of his best friends was the assistant manager at Jakeís, and since Andy had some pizza experience working at Little Caesars, he decided to apply. Upon meeting, George asked Andy to make a sausage pizza, and when he was finished, George looked at it and told him he wasnít at Little Caesars anymore and needed to put more toppings on the pizza. Andy came in the next day and has been there ever since. In 2008, they got out of the franchise and became Melís Pizza.  Unfortunately, George passed away in 2006, and his wife was left to carry on the business. She was never in the kitchen, and Andy, the General Manager at the time, pitched in to pick up where George left off. After a few years, Georgeís wife wanted to get out of the business altogether and offered Melís Pizza to Andy. On January 1st, 2011, Andy began his first day as owner. At Melís Pizza, by far the most popular speciality pizza is the ëWestern Style Pizzaí, loaded with BBQ sauce, sausage, onion and bacon. Everyone enjoys it. Andy explained that their ëItalian Beefí is one of the best in the city, as they use better beef than all the other restaurants around. A must-try at Melís Pizza, that was recently featured on Chicagoís Best, is ëThe Crazy Andyí. A hot dog split in half is stuffed with cheddar cheese, wrapped in bacon, then wrapped in pizza dough and deep fried! Customers rave about it and cannot get enough. Melís Pizza also offers a great selection of craft beers to enjoy with your meal.  Melís Pizza is outfitted with nice, comfortable wood benches and tables. There are a couple of areas called stages that can seat 15 to 20 people, great for family gatherings or sports team celebrations. With a party, try the ëMammoth Pizzaí – itís so big you canít even get it out the door. Kids get a kick out of it! Melís Pizza offers a great family environment with delicious, unique items.

728 W Chicago St
Elgin, IL 60123