Menara Moroccan Restaurant, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Menara Moroccan Restaurant has been offering locals and travelers alike in San Jose, California, a completely unique dining experience for over 40 years. This long standing gem is owned and operated by Anand Shah, keeping cultural and family traditions alive. His father, Arvind Shah, opened Menara in 1977, though his career in the restaurant industry began while earning his Engineering degree in San Francisco. Arvind was first hired as a dishwasher at Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant and with great work ethic became an apprentice to the renowned head chef. With the head chefís blessing, Arvind ventured on his own and opened Menara.  Growing up in the restaurant, Anand unknowingly began following in his fatherís footsteps when he started as a dishwasher at the age of 15. While working his way up, Anand learned to appreciate every role and duty of running a restaurant. After attending school for business and exploring a different path in hospitality, Anand officially took over Menara as owner in May 2015 with a true passion for the restaurant industry.        The ambiance of Menara is truly unique to any other restaurant in the area. Arvind designed the restaurant himself, starting with four blank walls. Once inside Menara, you will find yourself transported from San Jose to Morocco. A large fountain and Moroccan architectural features can be seen upon entering the lounge section where vibrant colors of red and blue surround you. In place of regular dining chairs and tables, enjoy comfortable seating on couches and cushions. The setting is reminiscent of a traditional Moroccan home rather than restaurant.The cuisine is of French and Moroccan influence, though you can still find staple Moroccan dishes. A hot menu item is the Tagine, which means clay pot, and is specific to Moroccan cuisine. The Tagine is used to slow cook the meat of your choosing, either lamb or cornish hen. The clay pot essentially braises and infuses the meat with aromatic onions, vegetables, and spices for an hour, until it is tender and ready to serve.  The Moroccan Feast is suggested for large groups who would like to sample a bit of everything. If youíve never dined at Menara, it is highly recommended to try this one of a kind experience. The feast is brought over in several courses and lasts two to three hours. Dishes are also offered a la carte as well.Menara combines amazing dining with quality entertainment. A large floor space is dedicated for expert belly dancers to dance while you dine; you may even be picked to join them as well! But, if you need some liquid courage, donít miss out on their cocktail selection. Aside from a wide variety of Moroccan wines and local beers on tap, you can also find specialty cocktails made with Mahia, a hard-to-find Moroccan liquor. Try the ìMoroccan Magic,î – fruity, easy to drink, and packs quite the punch. The ìMarrakech Muleî is Manaraís take on a classic. Bitters and mint are added to give the mule a Moroccan twist.Menara is the perfect dining destination to bring your date, host an event of any size, or celebrate any occasion with friends and family. The atmosphere is fun, romantic, and relaxing all at once and makes for an unforgettable experience. Menara has recently opened for lunch and offers delivery,carry out, and catering as well. Menara Moroccan Restaurant is a must try if you are looking to experience the best of what San Jose has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

41 E Gish Rd
San Jose, CA 95112