Meraki, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Going above and beyond in every aspect possible, Meraki encapsulates a dining experience that above all else, immerses customers in a full fledged genuine concept. Owner Chad Meier takes creativity and honesty and puts it to the forefront, providing a service that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Chad takes his elegantly set location and goes beyond the four walls without letting himself be held back by any limitations. He has sought to create a communal experience and has done so flawlessly, tightly knitting the community together in a true effort to learn and teach, and his intentions are nothing short of impressive. The food is top notch, and the consistent basis in which quality is delivered makes it a great dining destination.The restaurant provides an upscale, cozy vibe in an unpretentious manner, treating customers like guests more than anything. The name Meraki is derived from the Turkish and Greek language, meaning from the soul, and from the heart. The idea is to provide an experience that doesn’t just bring people in for a meal, but takes care of them as if they were welcoming them into their own home. The culinary concept is to share an experience and dive into a social aspect that creates conversation while enjoying delicious food. The option is there to do the soup, salad, appetizer, entree, and Meraki does not sacrifice in that category by any means. Chadís idea to share an experience is where the restaurant really shines, offering dishes all around the world for friends and family to share with one another. Providing different rooms for different experiences, Chad sought to provide something for everyone, and has done so seamlessly. The bar scene allows patrons to be placed into a cozy lounge vibe to relax and socialize in a casual setting. The Chefís table lets customers be placed into an interactive experience, the open kitchen setting lets customers watch their food be prepared while having an open dialogue with the chefs to learn more about the cuisine they are indulging in. The back area provides an intimate, traditional dining experience if that is preferred. The efforts that are put forth by Chad and his team can attest to their desire to provide something unique and special to the area, making them a must while visiting Milwaukee.

939 S 2nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204