Mexico Clasico, Rockford IL | Merchant Profile

Jose Chavez and partners own Mexico Clasico and together they have over twenty years of experience in the restaurant industry. They first met ten years ago working at the same restaurant and dreamed of opening their own one-day. Three years ago they achieved that dream and opened Mexico Clasico in December of 2012.  Mexico Clasico isnít just your typical Mexican restaurant; they strive to be different from everyone else by elevating their food, service, and atmosphere to the next level. All of the food is made from scratch and derive from family recipes passed down from generation to generation.  Mexico Clasico is very family-driven, they even dedicate a part of their menu to dishes that come directly from the ownerís Grandmotherís kitchen. Their guacamole is made fresh every day by tableside for a truly authentic experience and the meats for their fajitas are marinated every day to maximize flavor.  Parrillada is Mexico Clasicoís signature dish that is big enough to feed two people. The dish includes a combination of skirt steak, grilled chicken, chorizo and carnitas, grilled cactus leaves, jalapenos, green onions, sliced potatoes, and queso fresco. Rice, beans, and homemade tortillas that compliment every ingredient accompany the dish. The owners have put a lot of hard work and effort in deciding their menu and food choices to provide high-end, upscale Mexican food to their customers. Along with their delicious food, Mexico Clasico also offers a great dining experience. With cheerful and welcoming staff Mexico Clasico provides a very fun and authentic dining environment. They even have a private room that can hold between sixty-five and seventy people for special events or group outings. Mexico Clasico also offers a full bar and food may be ordered for catering.  One last thing that separates Mexico Clasico from the rest is the live mariachi music they bring in for every holiday or special occasion. The music really adds a lot of personality and fun to the restaurant that helps customers feel like they are really dining in Mexico. If youíre in the mood for great, upscale Mexican cuisine then Mexico Clasico is the perfect option for a family meal, date night, or quick bite.

3929 Broadway
Rockford, IL 61108