MiChigo Pizza, Ferndale MI | Merchant Profile

MiChigo Pizza opened in 2010 and specializes in Chicago style pizza. Owners Mike and Bill opened this restaurant in semi-retirement. Both wanted a change and opened MiChigo with the idea of making something special for the people of Ferndale, Michigan. The name MiChigo is the combination of Michigan and Chicago, in that MiChigo gives that Chicago style pizza in Michigan.The ìMeatloversî pizza is a popular dish because it has a little bit of everything. Also, The ìSpinach Specialî is a frequently ordered dish because it is vegetarian. In Ferndale, there is a large population of vegans and vegetarians. MiChigo has many options for this and uses the popularity of healthy eating in this area to their advantage. They use natural and fresh ingredients and buy produce from local shops. This health conscious pizza shop gives its customers just what they want.MiChigoís location has lots of walking traffic, making it the perfect convenient stomping ground for lunch and dinner. There are also many desserts available to order which makes MiChigo a great place to stop for dessert as well. MiChigo Pizza is a place where they embrace different tastes and have options for people that may normally find it difficult to find delicious dishes when dining out. This mantra leaves its customers happy and satisfied.

255 W 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI 48220