Millstone Pizza + Taphouse, Rock Hill SC | Merchant Profile

Millstone Pizza + Taphouse was established in 2011 with the idea of bringing New York style, wood fired Neapolitan pizzas and great craft beers to Rock Hill, SC. The owners, Brendan Kuhlkin and David Clapp, actually travelled to cities like New York and Chicago to learn all about different pizzas, pizza ovens, and beers. They then decided to combine all their favorite aspects of the pizzerias they visited in order to create the ultimate pizza and beer joint. The restaurant specializes in creating gourmet pizzas that are cooked to perfection. They use wood fire ovens with hickory and oak woods that they heat to 900 degrees. It ends up cooking the pizzas in ninety seconds and the high heat transfers the great flavor from the woods to the pizza. The pizzas come in three different sizes six, twelve, and sixteen inches. Millstone Pizza + Taphouse takes their pizzas seriously. The dough is made fresh from scratch daily and they import the flour from Italy and use only filtered water to create it. All the ingredients used to top the pizzas are high quality and either sourced locally or imported from Italy. The Zoe is one of their most unique pizzas that has white garlic sauce, prosciutto di parma, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, local goat cheese, mozzarella, fresh basil, and olive oil.  The restaurant also has a full bar that has an amazing selection of drinks. They are best known for their variety of forty craft beers that rotate weekly. Every time you visit you can expect to find a new beer to try. The bartenders are friendly experts that can make any drink you want too! Overall, Millstone Pizza + Taphouse is your go-to destination for a one-of-kind pizza and beer restaurant. All of their unique pizzas paired with their never-ending variety of beer makes this spot a new and exciting experience every time you visit. The staff is attentive and personable and makes sure that every customer leaves with a smile. The next time youíre in the area make sure to stop by Millstone Pizza + Taphouse for a meal and drink you wonít forget!

121 Caldwell St
Rock Hill, SC 29730