Mirasol’s Cafe, Dartmouth MA | Merchant Profile

Taking an elevated stance on Latin Cuisine, Mirasolís Cafe has inherently become one of the top dining choices in the Dartmouth area for all the right reasons. The owner Richard has implemented his expertise in the industry, and the knowledge is prevalent from top to bottom. He has extensive background in hospitality and fine dining, and his current endeavor hits the nail on the head in all areas. In doing so, everything from the new age dishes to the highly regarded coffee, everything has taken the restaurant and elevates it to the highest degree. The willingness to push the boundaries is certainly what makes the location so special, making it a top choice while visiting the area. Always adhering to the customerís needs, the team at the restaurant still provide all of the classics, as well as crafting the best of the best when it comes to sandwiches. Where they really shine is how they have evolved traditional Latin Cuisine and raised it to a higher level. A top choice that has guests returning time after time is their Cubana with a twist, comprised of Spice-rubbed Pork Loin, Ham & Swiss Cheese, topped with House-Marinated Onions, Mustard, Lettuce Mix, and Tomatoes. Another top choice the Huevo Ranchero Tortilla, made with a Fried Egg, House Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream and 4-Cheese Blend all wrapped up in a Flour Tortilla and Hot Pressed. No matter the instance, the quality and consistency are top notch and Mirasolís Cafe is sure to have something for everyone. To bring it all full circle, the coffee is what makes the location really special. The Chippi comes widely favored, supercharged and made with no other than Jimís Organic Coffee. The staff promises a qualitative experience with each visit, and above all else, treats their guests as family. The location offers take out catering with their delicious platters if that is preferred as well. The entire ambiance creates a perfect balance, from the food to the warm and welcoming decor, encapsulating a prime choice for any outing while in Dartmouth.

439 State Rd.
Dartmouth, MA 02747