Miss Calee’s Eats ‘N’ Treats, Landisville PA | Merchant Profile

Taking a mother daughter team and putting it to the forefront of homemade meals and treats, Miss Caleeís Eats ëNí Treats envelopes a family oriented experience to the highest degree. Michelle Benedict and her three daughters Abby, Amber, and Ashley, have quite remarkably provided a service to the area that hits the nail on the head time after time. Michelle has been in the industry for twenty five plus years and her expertise is prevalent in her familyís endeavor from top to bottom. The team at Miss Caleeís pay close attention to detail and their meticulous efforts in providing a warm and welcoming experience paired with delicious menu options is what makes them truly special. Above all else the Benedictís put themselves in a league of their own with their impressive concept, making it a top choice while in the area. From their perfectly and signature seasoned hand cut fries to their homemade chicken pot pie, the classics that Miss Caleeís is able to provide creates a nostalgia that can only be found in your motherís kitchen. The team at the location are always coming up with something new for their guests to indulge in, which is widely attributed to their daily specials. The Chicken Salad is a widely favored option, as well as the Ciabatta Bread paired with their French Dip, which has customers returning time after time. Keeping it as family oriented as possible, customers can find various sandwiches with Michelleís grandchildren’s names on them, truly representing the down home and comforting classics she and her daughters have been able to provide. To bring everything full circle the baked goods are as top notch as they come, offering various options ranging from any pie to any cake imaginable. Absolutely nothing comes out of a can at Miss Caleeís, and Michelle derives her recipes from her Motherís cooking as she was raised, creating a genuine and honest experience with each visit. The one thing that Michelle thrives on is her customers and the family that they have become throughout the years. The sincere gratification she gets from the service she provides can attest the to honest and trustworthy experience she puts forth. Miss Caleeís is simply a must while in Landisville and stopping in to enjoy firsthand is perfect for any outing.

329 Main St.
Landisville, PA 17538