Mission, Newport RI | Merchant Profile

Mission is the brainchild of chefs Chad Hofer and Tyler Burnley. They wanted to build a casual, easy going restaurant where they would feel comfortable bringing their own growing families. The name is inspired by the prohibition era speakeasy occupying the same space. The menu at Mission is inspired by American classics: hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, and beer. However, this isnít your everyday cookout fare. Every item on the menu is scratch made in-house. The beef for the burgers is also ground fresh. They even make the hot dogs in-house. The fries are handcut and toppings include house made sweet pickles, grilled jalapenos, and caramelized onion sauerkraut. The two biggest menu sellers are the Chicago Dog with relish, onion, Dill pickle, celery salt, and mustard and the Bacon Cheese Burger.The restaurant features a great selection of local craft beers and wine. The featured dessert is their homemade popsicles in seasonal flavors. This unique Newport gem even can cater parties of up to 200 people. Stop by today and enjoy a new twist on old favorites!

29 Marlborough St
Newport, RI 02840