Mister Bar-B-Que, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Jervel Williams opened Mister Bar-B-Que in 2013. He has been working on perfecting his barbecue skills for the past 10 years. The love for barbecue cooking runs in his family. Before Mister Bar-B-Que, Jervel sold his food from a food cart. During this time he was constantly learning, improving, and experimenting with flavors. He now has a full location of Mister Bar-B-Que. They smoke their meats in their large smoker outside, which gives the place a backyard barbecue feel. The meats at Mister Bar-B-Que are cooked low and slow, smoked with woods like cherry wood and hickory. They offer four delicious homemade barbecue sauces: Memphis style, Kansas style, Chicago style, and their original recipe. When you order from them, you can always expect large portions and affordable prices. Customers love their pulled pork, because it is stuffed with a hearty portion of meat, and covered in their favorite sauce. Another must try is their famous brisket, which has been featured in local newspapers. Jervel also recommends their amazing rib tips.Check out Mister Bar-B-Que for a pig roast on site. You can also find them at many local festivals in the Milwaukee area. Look out for their new location on Lincoln which is coming soon.  They offer catering and delivery through Grub Hub.  The catering menu is available on their website. Come to Mister Bar-B-Que for the best barbecue in town!

5908 N 76th St
Milwaukee, WI 53218