Mixed Grain, Walnut Creek CA | Merchant Profile

Pay no attention to the health foodñsounding name: Mixed Grain offers a fascinating, authentically Korean dining experience thatís unique in downtown Walnut Creek. It all starts with the bibimbap and dolsot rice bowls, for which you can choose your toppings (the ìworksî gets you spinach, mushrooms, carrots, and bean sprouts, plus an over-easy fried egg on top), rice (plain white or mixed grain), and protein (bulgogi beef, chicken, spicy pork, short ribs, salmon, or tofu). The bibimbap ($12) is served in a plain bowl while the dolsot ($14) makes for a grander spectacle, arriving literally sizzling in a red-hot stone bowl that crisps up the bottom layer of rice for extra texture and flavor. We recommend the dolsot works, with mixed grain rice and spicy pork. Itís big enough to share.

1546 Bonanza St
Walnut Creek, CA 94596