Mobo Sushi, Santa Cruz CA | Merchant Profile

Mobo Sushi is located at 105 River Street South in Santa Cruz. Operations manager Kevin Neher began working in the award winning restaurant as a dishwasher in 1988, when he was in high school. Now he and General Manager Joon Kang oversee the daily operations of the expanded 160 seat eatery. The name Mobo represents the melding of cultures between the East and West. Mobo is a is short for Modern Boys. The Modern Boys were Japanese youth breaking from tradition in the 1920ís and emulating western values. Head sushi chef Ricky, whom Kevin calls Ichiban Master, is always innovating to meet changing tastes. Over the years he has added many vegetarian rolls to the menu. A complex combination of flavors has always been a very Californian sushi tradition. A more recent trend is featuring multiple sauces and textures in rolls.  Popular starters on the menu include Spinach Oshitashi, which is a steamed spinach dish, chilled with sesame sauce, and Lomi Lomi Salmon, which is a Hawaiian-style ceviche. Another choice is the Easy Pickle, with gobo, takuan, shredded daikon radish, daikon sprouts, shizo, and avocado. Mobo features many wonderful house specialty rolls. One popular choice is the Nor-Cal, a California Roll piled high with crunch popcorn shrimp and tobiko, and sprinkled with sweet sauce. Another option is the Calamari Roll, with tempura calamari, avocado, lemon, green onion, and miso mayo. The Death Star roll features tuna, basil, garlic, avocado, cream cheese, and macadamia nuts..Some vegetarian options include the Magic Maki, with avocado, shiitake, macadamia, negi, and gobo, and the Guido, with avocado, cream cheese, garlic, basil, and macadamia nuts.Mobo Sushi has a full bar with many specialty drinks including the spicy Mobo Bloody Mary and the Mobo Mojito, with a splash of sake. Be sure to stop in around 8:30PM on Friday and Saturday night to experience the spectacle and share in the fun of a Mobo tradition, Sake Bomb Dominos. They do take-out, can accommodate large groups, and have heated patio seating. If you are looking for a great fun atmosphere to enjoy ìMind Altering Sushi,îstop in at Mobo today. 

105 South River St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060