Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe, Lake Worth FL | Merchant Profile

Patti Lucia opened Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe in 2007. Patti grew up in an Italian household, and spent a lot of time learning how to cook. Through her culinary trained friends, she was able to learn even more, and started creating her own recipes. She spent many years as a high school English teacher, but she stepped away to open up her own coffee and tea shop. In order to expand her business and incorporate her cooking skills, she decided to start serving food in addition to coffee and tea. She has now created a unique cafe that specializes in made to order food made with wholesome ingredients. When Pattiís cafe was just starting, a young boy came in and asked if she made veggie burgers. A truly delicious veggie burger can be a rare find, and Patti was excited to rise to the challenge. Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe is now known for their famous list of around 20 veggie burgers. Patti creates several different flavors in her veggie burgers using hearty ingredients like yams, garbanzo beans, black beans, and plantains. Many of these burgers are also vegan and gluten free. Patti has had fun developing recipes for good vegan comfort food; however meat is available on the menu as well. She recommends trying a fresh and flavorful, three quarter pound turkey burgers. Try your burger on her homemade naan bread.  Customers also come in looking to try a homemade soup of the day. Her other specialties are coffees, teas, and lemonade. She brews Mighty Leaf teas and also makes her own Kombucha, which is fermented tea with live cultures. Her hand squeezed lemonade is always made to order. Everything at Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe is fresh, made from scratch, fair trade, and most importantly, made with love. Saying food is ìmade with love,î to Patti, means that it is prepared in a high frequency, positive environment. She strives to keep a positive energy running throughout the restaurant, because it impacts the whole dining experience. She accomplishes her desired energy through calming music and an emphasis on nature throughout the restaurant. You can learn more about Pattiís values for her food in her ìPattiís Perspectiveî videos. Look out for her product line, where she will be selling her veggie burgers, soups, and sauces like her famous cilantro burger sauce. Check out Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe for fresh food made with love!

410 2nd Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460