Motor City Brewing Works, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Motor City Brewing Works is one of Detroitís oldest breweries beginning business in 1994. Motor City Brewing Works originally opened as a microbrewery only offering beer. Eventually they incorporated a tasting room with 28 seats for customers to sit at after brewery tours to relax and try the beer. Twelve of the twenty-eight seats surround a large horseshoe bar in the room. As people would sit and taste the beer, it became a habit for them to get hungry and then order pizza to the brewery. As a result, Motor City Brewing Works decided to capitalize on the opportunity and start making their own pizzas. In 2006, Motor City Brewing Works began experimenting with their flavors and pizzas. By 2008, they were able to acquire a health license in order to sell food out of the brewery and perfected their pizza menu. The pizzas are made in a seven hundred degree brick-oven and each pizza is ten inches ñ single serve or share with a friend pizzas. There are many different vegetarian options to pick from along with other types of pizzas such as the popular BBQ chicken style. Since Motor City Brewing Works is a brewery before a restaurant, the beer comes first and the food is an afterthought. Each pizza was designed to compliment the beer that they brew. The first beer they ever made is their pale ale, which is a classic American style pale ale with subtle cascade notes and citrus flavor. In addition to their tasting room, Motor City Brewing Works also offers a large 100-seat beer garden during the summer months. There are 7 free parking spots in front of the brewery and a free 15-space parking lot behind it for easy accessibility. So whether youíre in the mood for a good beer or a tasty pizza, be sure to stop by Motor City Brewing Works for a great experience!

470 W Canfield St.
Detroit, MI 48201