Mr. B’s Pub, Royal Oak MI | Merchant Profile

Mr. Bís Pub has been a staple in Royal Oak, Michigan for the last thirty-two years. When the owners of Mr. Bís wanted to retire and sell the restaurant, Chef Johnny was quick to capitalize on the opportunity. Two years ago he became the new owner of Mr. Bís Pub and has elevated it to a new level. He started by renovating the building by redoing the tin ceiling, changing out dÈcor and making it consistent throughout, updating the bathrooms, and even adding a blues bar. The blues bar now features live music Friday and Saturday nights and even sometimes on Sundays. Chef Johnny also setup charity poker in the basement of Mr. Bís Sundays through Wednesdays that raises money for different charities every week. All the changes that Chef Johnny brought to Mr. Bís are subtle, yet effective. He preserved the soul Mr. Bís while being able to add his own personal touch. After becoming owner, Chef Johnny also focused on changing up the food served at Mr. Bís. Instead of serving the typical fried bar food, Chef Johnny wanted to create a high-quality menu where the food was cooked from scratch. He accomplished that goal and now Mr. Bís Pub proudly makes their own bacon, pastrami, Italian sausage, and chicken. They also prepare and make their own pizza dough and pie crust daily along with cutting each steak they make. One of the most popular menu items is Mr. Bís hamburger that is brined every day and topped with homemade bacon, cheddar cheese, baby arugula, avocado, and a fried egg. Chef Johnny loves using fresh herbs to bring out vibrant flavors in his dishes so he actually uses six different fresh herbs to make a mayonnaise spread that takes many foods to a whole new level. In addition to their updated food menu, Chef Johnny also reconstructed the drink menu. Mr. Bís Pub now serves craft beers and craft cocktails that really differentiates them other bars in the area. They also feature a quality wine list that has a great selection of unique and delicious red and white wines. Mr. Bís Pub does take reservations and suggests them for Friday and Saturday nights, which is usually their busiest times. Chef Johnny has done a great job of turning Mr. Bís into a fun destination spot. He even plans on opening the basement up in the future on Friday and Saturday nights to put mixologists down there creating craft cocktails for guests to enjoy. Any way you cut it, Mr. Bís Pub has something for everyone to enjoy. From their delicious, fresh food to their fun and creative drinks, make sure to stop by Mr. Bís Pub today to experience what everyoneís been talking about!

215 S Main St
Royal Oak, MI 48067