MT Barrels Sports Bar & Entertainment, Schaumburg IL | Merchant Profile

Customers come from all over the Chicagoland area to eat and drink at MT Barrels in Schaumburg, Illinois. DJ Jadav has plenty experience working in bars and restaurants. He has always wanted to open his own place, so as soon as an opportunity opened he jumped right at it. The restaurant is in a perfect location; about a mile and half from the Schaumburg airport and around forty-five minutes from Downtown Chicago. The weekends bring in heavy crowds with local live bands featured such as Seventh Heaven.They have a variety of food items on their menu. One of the most popular appetizers they have is the Bucket of Bacon, which is five pieces of fresh cut layered bacon for the whole table to enjoy. They also have the Barrell Bender with is a platter piled high with pretzels, mozzarella planks, chicken fritters, wings and poblano bites. Their burgers are seven ounces of fresh, never frozen, Angus patties. The chef’sí special that people ask for often is the Kuko Burrito. A burrito filled cheddar and mozzarella cheese, Mexican rice, sour cream, and a choice of ground beef or chicken. Their wings won also won an award for ìMost Creative Wingsî. MT Barrels does not have only an amazing variety of food, but they have a good quantity of beers to choose from. The bar offers nineteen beers total including Miller Lite and Coors Light as well as specialty beers. They always have a Beer of the Month and Sam Adams rotating handles. This is a top end bar with fifty-three televisions and many special events every week. Every Thursday is Ladies Night and two nights a week they have pool leagues. The capacity is 342 people so it can accommodate large events. The bar can be rented out regularly for private parties, such as high school reunions and graduations. This year it also became an official Blackhawks bar with Breakthrough Beverage. The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting. It is a great bar in Schaumburg to gather with friends, relax and have a few drinks.

1712 W Wise Rd
Schaumburg, IL 60193