Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Addis Alemu and his friend and partner Hagos Tekle opened Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant on January 1st, 2014. A mudai is traditionally a small jewelry box or a secret box where valuable items are stored. Addis explained that you will find lots of little gems inside the restaurantís four walls, meaning they have excellent food! Mudai also has a personal meaning to Addis – he used to have a cow when he was younger named Mudai, who provided him with milk. Now, his food comes from Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant. Addis grew up working in restaurants and has always been in the business. Addis and Hagos have known each other for a long time and are both very passionate about the food industry. The food at Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant is very unique – the way it is prepared is completely different than what many people are used to. Upon walking into Mudai you will be greeted with a smile. The servers are happy to provide suggestions on what to order depending on your likes. Addis is positive once you taste Mudaiís cuisine, you will be hooked. Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant is medium sized and has a semi-private party area for events. Addis explained that people come to his restaurant for the traditional Ethiopian atmosphere and healthy, organic, and vegan food. Their ëVegetarian Comboí is their number one seller; lentils, chickpeas, collard greens, and cabbage and potatoes, a good mix of spicy and mild flavors served on the traditional injera bread.  Their ëKitfoí is very popular, along with the ëLamb Tipsí; spicy and juicy lamb cubed and cooked with onions and Ethiopian butter.Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant serves Ethiopian beer and wines, including the popular honey wine, Tej. Addis explained that Ethiopian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, but Mudai sets itself apart from the competition by their authentic spices, traditional cooking style, and good service. They also encourage feedback and suggestions from customers – if you think they can be doing something better, they want to know. For the best Ethiopian food in the Bay Area, visit Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant! 

503 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95126