Murphy’s Red Hots, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

While visiting Chicago there is nothing more important than eating a true Chicago hot dog. There are dozens of restaurants that attempt to perfect the craft, but nobody does it better than Murphyís Red Hots. Beginning in 1987, Bill Murphy started his own Hot Dog restaurant and he hasn’t looked back since. Gaining national popularity, Murphyís has been showcased on television shows like Good Morning America, and in popular literature like the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, as well as the Atlanta Journal Constitution. In 2006 Murphyís was inducted into the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Hall of Fame, and if it isn’t the award that speaks for itself, the food certainly does so as well. Upon entering Murphyís, customers are greeted with superb customer service, one of the things that Bill prides himself in the most. The shop garners classically styled Vienna Beef Signs as well as newspaper articles and pictures to give the customer the true feel of the area that they are in. The restaurant’s most popular item, the hot dogs, are all made with a Rosenís Poppy Seed Bun,  and Vienna Pure Beef Frank with a natural casing. In Billís eyes that is the only way to stay true to a Chicago Hot Dog and he successfully keeps them as authentic as possible. With fresh ingredients out in front for the customers to see, you can either craft your own hot dog or give some of the other delicious items off the menu a chance. The Charbroiled Hamburgers and Charbroiled Chicken are definitely worth trying, as well as their Garden Salads and Rib eye sandwich. No matter what, Murphyís has something the customer will enjoy.In a friendly and joking environment, Bill likes to maintain a close relationship with his customers because he believes that is what hot dogs are all about. It is this fun atmosphere that has made the shop so successful and so popular with locals and tourists alike. Located at 1211 West Belmont, a couple blocks from the Red Line, Murphyís Red Hots is a must visit while in the Chicagoland area. The most authentic hot dogs are located at Billís storefront and are sure to not disappoint.

1211 West Belmont
Chicago, IL 60657