My Cocina Restaurant, Streamwood IL | Merchant Profile

Step into the homey atmosphere of My Cocina Restaurant, located in Streamwood, Illinois. The restaurant opened in September of 2015 and is family owned and run. Taly of My Cocina, tells us that ëMy Cocinaí translates to ëMy Kitchení in English. Feel apart of the family upon walking through the doors and taste the authentic flavors of the Pacific side of Mexico, where Talyís family is from. The recipes used to create the fabulous dishes at My Cocina are family recipes, tweaked and perfected for their guests. Try any one of their fabulous steak dishes. While the steak is cooked the same for each recipe, the toppings and sides vary. Any steak will be cooked to tender and juicy perfection. Try the Ranchera Steak, cooked with jalapenos tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. This steak comes with the classic rice and beans. In the mood for something warm on a cold day? Taly suggests you try her family’s recipe for ëHominy Soup.í The Patchouga is also a wonderful and unique dish. This dish includes chicken that is stuffed with ham, cheese, and spinach then baked to juicy perfection. A unique aspect of this Mexican restaurant is that they offer delivery. My Cocina ensures your food to be hot and ready to eat upon delivery. Their special insulated transportation system keeps your meal hot straight from the kitchen! Looking to have a little fun while dining? My Cocina hosts ëLa Loteria!í nights, where guests can eat, drink, and play this fun Mexican rendition of Bingo. Come on into My Cocina Restaurant and feel apart of the special atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind Mexican joint!

16 N Bartlett Rd
Streamwood, IL 60107