Mykonos Greek Restaurant, Niles IL | Merchant Profile

The traditional atmosphere and delicious taste of Greek cuisine that is found in Greece can be brought on over to Niles with Mykonos Greek Restaurant.According to its official website, Mykonos was established in 1981, Mykonos Greek Restaurant was first established in 1981. The Greek restaurant strives to specialize in traditional Greek cuisine.The restaurant is owned by Dimitrios Merageas, who was born and grew up in Sparta, Greece. When he moved to Chicago, he would work in various Greek restaurants, and he developed his goal to create his own Greek cuisine. He came across a local ethnic Niles restaurant and became the chef. Later on the restaurant went up for sale and he bought the place and changed the name to Mykonos in order to achieve his dream of putting out his own traditional Greek cuisine.Merageas named the restaurant Mykonos after the island of Mykonos in Greece, in which he always visited when he was a child.Throughout the years the restaurant has been open, Mykonos has evolved with its recipes including more organic meats and vegetables, in addition to providing gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu.The menu has specialty appetizer, lunch, dinner and drink menus. The restaurant serves many signature Greek dishes including its Greek chicken, Cyprus platter and various salads including its trademark grilled chicken over Greek salad. There are even various lunch and dinner specials every day of the week.Neophytou said that the restaurant is great for travelers since it contains many Cypriot delicacies not found anywhere else including dishes such as octopus, homemade grape vine leaves and Keftedes Greek meatballs.What makes Mykonos so significant apart from other Greek restaurants is the way everything is homemade in an authentic Greek and Cypriot way.The restaurant also offers catering and takeout. Its main goal is to provide the best quality food and service to customers and have a family friendly atmosphere.

8660 W Golf Rd
Niles, IL 60714