Mykonos, Tarpon Springs FL | Merchant Profile

Seeking to provide care, quality, and the utmost authenticity, Mykonos has hit the nail on the head when it comes to top notch service paired with delicious food. Owner Andreas has been in the business his entire life, and that has fueled his chef driven menu, providing an elevated Greek cuisine for his customers to indulge in. Coming to Tarpon Springs in 1991, he saw the need and desire for upscale service and food that customers could eat without feeling any guilt. The food is fresh, the experience is genuine, and stopping in ensures the utmost quality and satisfaction for each of Andreas guests. The food is always consistent, and Andreas prides himself on sourcing most of his ingredients locally for his customers to enjoy. He has derived his classic menu from the expertise of his mother, father, and grandmother, and the consistency shows with each dish. A popular item, the Lamb Shank, is served with Rice, Vegetables, and Pita, topped with a light Onion Gravy. The Mousaka is also a classic, widely popular dish comprise of Ground Beef, Eggplant, Potato, Layers and Cream Topping. Everything is made in house, and made to order, so the customer can rest assured they are receiving the best of the best. The desserts bring everything full circle, they make their own bread and that is implemented in the various options that come out of the kitchen. The Baklava is an obvious go to, crafted with layers of crisp Filo and Crushed Nuts covered in Honey. Andreas has raised the bar when it comes to a quality dining experience and having great food to match. He does not treat his patrons as customers, and seeks to welcome them into his establishment as guests. Hospitality is of the utmost importance and he does not sacrifice in that area by any means. The focus on the Greek cuisine rivals something one would be presented while visiting Greece, making Mykonos the best option while in Tarpon Springs to provide a hospitable, memorable experience.

628 Dodecanese Blvd.
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689