Nagomi Japanese Restaurant, Novi MI | Merchant Profile

Nagomi Japanese Restaurant is a hidden gem in Novi, Michigan that has been serving topnotch Asian cuisine since 2008. Keiko is the owner who meticulously checks that the food is always of the highest quality and best flavor. Traditionally only serving Japanese, the restaurant is undergoing expansion where they look to add two or three more kitchens so they can add Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines to the menu as well.  Everything at the restaurant is made using the freshest and finest ingredients. It is setup where customers order at the counter then wait for their number to be called to pick-up their food. This allows customers to be in and out of the restaurant quickly if they donít have much time to eat. There is a great deal of effort, attention to detail, and preparation that goes into making each dish to ensure consistency. Nagomi is known for their fantastic ramen bowls that come in all kinds of different recipes. The Tantanmen is a popular choice amongst diners that is a spicy soy noodle soup made with garlic, peanuts, and sesame. Add pork for a real taste treat delight!Nagomi also serves delicious Japanese sushi that customers love. Keikoís favorite is the Spider Roll that is made with soft shell crab. Something unique that Nagomi Japanese Restaurant does is serve their food in the bar next door. The bar has pool tables and live entertainment and with the addition of Nagomiís cuisine, itís a great place to stop by and have fun. All in all, Nagomi Japanese Restaurant is the perfect place to bring family and friends alike. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Itís a great place to stop if you only have a short time or if you have plenty of time itís a cozy place to sit down and relax for a while. The next time youíre near Novi and craving a delicious, handcrafted meal, look no further than Nagomi Japanese Restaurant. Itís a meal and experience youíll never forget!

25750 Novi Rd
Novi, MI 48375