New Crescent Cuisine, Sunnyvale CA | Merchant Profile

Azeem Siddiqui and his wife love to eat and enjoy great food. For two decades they catered parties for friends and relatives, making healthy gourmet Indian food out of their home. Everyone constantly told them they needed to open a restaurant and share their skills with other people. In 2009, Azeem found a place in Santa Clara, Crescent Cuisine, that was up for sale because the previous owner was running it into the ground. In a few years, Azeem and Habeeba turned it around completely and created a lavish menu that customers salivated over.In 2015, they,  Azeem and Habeeba ended the lease and closed up shop. Within the next coming weeks, Azeem got hundreds of calls from previous customers asking what happened and begging him to come back. Azeem searched and found a new building available in Sunnydale. Towards the end of 2015, they opened New Crescent Cuisine and previous customers welcomed them back with open arms. New Crescent Cuisine specializes in Hyderabadi cuisine, a type of Halal Indian fare cooked in the healthiest way possible. Azeem explained that he has many customers that came from India and say his food tastes better than what they had at home. New Crescent Cuisine uses a lot of healthy ingredients and cook with turmeric and ginger to increase health benefits. Customers rave about the ëLamb Shankí, a classic Middle Eastern dish. Lamb usually has a good portion of fat, but Azeem found a way to drain almost all the fat while still keeping the meat juicy and tasty. Whole lamb stuffed with veggies and rice is also a great choice for parties. It is guaranteed to taste better than anywhere else. New Crescent Cuisineís ëHaleemí is extremely popular. Making haleem is a very extensive and lengthy process – grains, lentils, meat and spices that cook slowly for hours. The ingredients blend together into a delicious gravy-like consistency. The ëBiryanií is also a great choice. With so many restaurants available to choose from, quality is becoming increasing important to consumers. That’s where New Crescent Cuisine comes in: they are dedicated to making every dish as healthy and tasty as it could possibly be. 

833 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087