New Wild Ginger, Huntingdon Valley PA | Merchant Profile

Taking a previous concept and holding it a higher standard, New Wild Ginger has taken on a life of its own with the new fresh and uplifted concepts. Owner Dan Lin has taken the reigns on this current endeavor, and after taking over in November of 2014, the rapid popularity he has gained has put him and his team into a league of their own. From top to bottom, the restaurant completely envelops asian culture, offering fantastic Thai, Japanese, and Chinese options for guests to indulge in. The large dining space allows for a warm and welcoming experience time after time, and the staff provide for an attentive and memorable time spent as well. Stopping in guarantees a quality that can only be found at New Wild Ginger, making it a top choice while visiting the area. Having been in the industry for thirteen years, Dan has learned restaurants from top to bottom and has implemented his culinary expertise into this restaurant. In doing so, each dish comes unrivaled and hits the nail on the head when it comes to authenticity. The Salmon Avocado is an option that comes widely favored, crafted with grilled sliced salmon wrapped with avocado, served with special sauce on top. The Seafood Basil also comes in high popularity, comprised of shrimp, scallop, and lobster tail sauteed with bell pepper scallion, and onion, in spicy thai basil sauce. The restaurant prides itself on having something for everyone, rightfully so, they have something to adhere to each palate. Dan specializes in the art of sushi, and after introducing his specialties to the area two years ago, has become a household name for people who want the best of the best. The ingredients are as fresh as they come, and the consistency shows with each option that is provided. No matter the instance, giving the cuisine a try provides an overall experience that can only be found at New Wild Ginger, making it a perfect choice for any outing while in the Huntingdon Valley area.

1928 County Line Rd.
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006